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The Rudy Giuliani Scene From Borat 2 Has Hit The Internet

So after a whole bunch of #debate, the scene is out! I guess the whole movie may already be out on Amazon Prime but I can't be sure if that's the case since I have to log into my parents' account because I still use their Prime like a child. You have to cut corners sometimes if you want to raise a family of four on a blogger's salary in 2020. 

Regardless, the scene everyone was talking about yesterday is available for easy consumption on social media, which is the only way we consume things these days anyway. Much will be made about what Rudy was doing on the bed and how everything was edited. Were Rudy's balls in his hand when they were moving forward or was he just tucking in his shirt? 

Let's look at it again in instant reply from multiple angles...

Ehhhhhh, I don't know Jim! I believe they call that the Tuck Rule! Since this is Barstool SPORTS and all, let's bring in former NFL great and Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson break down what exactly the Tuck Rule is.

Hmmmm, interesting. Now you make the call! 

*To be clear, I don't really care what your call is because last night's Giants loss caused me to no longer care about anything in life. But feel free to discuss this civilly amongst yourselves as I watch a football slowly fall through Evan Engram's fingers 100 more times just because pain is the only emotion I can feel right now