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'Sit Your Ass Down, Frontrunner.' - Shaq Absolutely Went Off On An Unnamed Lakers Player (Wink, Wink) For How He Celebrated Winning A Title

And here it is. It was only a matter of time before Shaq started going off on the Lakers. He's a prime example of 'back in my day' kinda guy. He loves talking about it. Granted, he's one of the 10ish best players to ever play the game of basketball, so he has that right. But then you really listen to this interview. He won't name, names, but it's pretty clear. Listen to that line 'follow your dreams' then remember this story posted after the Lakers won: 

Oh yeah, that's about right. Shaq fucking hates Dwight Howard. It started with the whole Superman thing and then just kept escalating. It's honestly hilarious, especially since in his playing days, nobody was more beloved than Shaq. But now that he has become a mumbling sidekick on Inside The NBA, he has lost a good amount of his luster. The only time I really enjoy him on Inside the NBA is when Chuck is making fun of him. 

But you start doing shit like this and I'm immediately entertained. I'm a sucker for pointless drama *checks notes of where I work/makes a lot of sense*. I actually think Dwight had a right to celebrate. He played a role on the Lakers. It's his first title, something he needed at some point in his career despite being a first ballot Hall of Famer. And yes, he's a no-brainer Hall of Famer. Again this is his resume: 

5x First Team All-NBA

1x Second Team All-NBA

2x Third Team All-NBA


4x First Team All-NBA Defense

1x Second Team All-NBA Defense

2008 Gold Medal

8x All-Star

That's a Hall of Fame resume. But he'll always be the guy that Shaq makes fun of. Dwight can't respond to this. Just let Shaq ramble. Actually his response should be posting an Instagram each day celebrating the title. Eat it up. Drive Shaq insane so he keeps rambling about you. Best way to stay relevant.