The Daniel Jones Tripping Memes are Here, and They are Spectacular

Back in the day, a play like a young quarterback committing an act of self-tacklization would live on in SportsCenter moments for a week or so. The kinds of blooper reels they'd compile on VHS and offer with your paid subscription to Sports Illustrated. And Marv Albert segments where he'd appear on Letterman to bring you "the wild and wacky from the world of sports." Then eventually it would fade away..

Fortunately, we live in a time where we don't need to wait for all that. A world of instant gratification where a moment like that can't stand alone. It has to get the meme treatment, or it's as if it never happened. Daniel Jones' fell in the woods, the internet was there to hear it, and it did make a sound. 

I'll start with Jones' own teammates and just go randomly from there. 

My favorite by far:

The obligatory "Office" reference:

A couple of movie mashups:

The viral video section:

The WWE is heard from, because they've got a highlight for everything:

The meme trend of the moment:

Cue the 2020 analogies:

And finally, El Simpsons:

So thank to Daniel Jones. Thanks once again to the internet, for serving the purpose for which Satan invented it. And thanks always to the New York Giants, for providing this lifelong hater perhaps their greatest moment since a young Jerry watched Joe Pisarcik's legendary fumble. 

All these years later, even at 1-6, the Big Blue can fill this old cholesterol-filled heart with joy.