Can I Label This Ohio State Hype Video As A Must Watch? Because This Is A Must Watch

This video is simply ridiculous. No other way to describe it. Even if you just clicked on this blog (thanks) to tell me that we don't need an Ohio blogger or that you can't wait til Clemson shuts me up again or that Ohio State fans are the worst group on the planet, please just watch it first. Because after bringing this masterpiece to your attention, I'm pretty sure I'll have a 100% approval rating from here on out. This is hands down the best piece of cinema I've ever seen in my entire life. Move over Shawshank Redemption, the Ohio State vs. Nebraska pregame trailer has just taken over the #1 spot for best movie of all time.

I wish you guys could've seen a reaction video of me watching this through the very first time. I mean, I guess I could still do it now, but you kinda get a little less emotional after the 10,000th replay. Plus the last time I put my face on the blog the #1 comment was that I look like a short haired lesbian and it got like 500 up-votes.

But anyways.....

When Ryan Day yelled, "BECAUSE SOME DAY, THEY'RE GOING TO PUT THE BALL DOWN,” I was ready to run through a brick wall. Literally think I could've made a tackle on 4th and Goal at the 1 if given the opportunity. And when he said, "While there may not be bodies in the stadium, their spirits are here,” I was ready to cry. Have only shed tears twice in the last decade (Grandpa's funeral and when the refs overturned the scoop and score against Clemson last year), but this was verrrry close to being a third time. And then when he said, "When someone walks into this stadium, they're playing EVERYBODY!" I literally got goosebumps on every single part of my body. Almost had to call the doctor, if you know what I mean.

I cannot believe the Buckeyes play tomorrow. It feels like a combination of all 26 Christmas Eves that I've been alive for, all put into one day. The boys are back in town.