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We don’t have health insurance, but we finally have television in the office thanks to SlingTV


(Power Moves Only)


Now don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to help my employees whatsoever, but SlingTV is so easy and such a no brainer that I picked up the crumpled up dollar bills around my desk and got the office Sling TV. For 25 bucks a month I got the only channels you actually watch (AMC,ESPN, etc) on your $100 dollars cable bill plus the Sports extra package. You can even add on HBO for 15 dollars a month, but the guys in this office are going to have to earn it. Some will say I bought the Sports extra package to gamble during the day, and I would say those people are correct.


It’s an absolute no brainer for anyone trying to save money and get away from cable companies. Especially for kids in college who are moving around each year. You don’t want to have to worry about your buddy not returning his cable box, which then leads to Cable Company XYZ ruining your credit for your young adult life. Guess which side of the story I was on for that one…

Check it out here