Wake Up With A Good Cry: A Couple That Has Been Married For 60 Years Is United After Covid Kept Them Apart For 215 Days

I recently created a tiktok account. I have posted one video. I've never liked a video. And yet...my tiktok algorithm is EXCLUSIVELY shit intended to make you cry. Either good tears or bad tears. It's reunions like this or cancer patients or children being reunited with their military family members. I open tiktok and immediately feel feelings and I HATE feeling feelings. I am Irish. I want to bottle that shit up, burry it down deep inside, and NEVER talk about it again. It's like TikTok's genius algorithm knows I'm going through some shit and they want to pull it out of me. It's a perverse digital therapist. If this is why Trump wants to ban this app then I get it. I thought it would twerking and dances. Not for me. My tiktok is all about crying and if I am crying, you guys are crying. Have a good morning.