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Here's A Shocker, Woman That Snacks On Cat Hair All Day Is 43 Years Old And Still Single

“Get the fuck out of my face bitch”


You know, I was going to say this is the grossest thing in the entire world but then Lisa said this,  “Before I eat it I kind of look at it to make sure its relatively clean”, and that completely changed my opinion. Like yeah being a 43 year old obese tattooed woman living by yourself in Detroit eating cat hair all day everyday is sort of weird, but at least she’s making sure its clean first. Its all about context. Sort of like when you drink too much on the weekend. You may think you have a drinking problem but at least you’re not a heroine addict. Just like Lisa may be gross but at least she doesn’t eat DIRTY cat hair, that is straight up Disgusting.


On to the more important question though. How much. How much to fuck Lisa. And not just fuck her. You have to go to her house, lick a few cats, let her make you a Cat Hair Casserole and then make LOVE. I’m saying not a penny less than $100,000 untaxed. Actually, looking at this picture again, I’m saying $200,000. Final Answer, all cat hair must be checked for cleanliness first, non negotiable on that part.