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Reader Email - Does This Look Like The Face Of A Suspect Wanted In An Eastern Illinois Bar Fight/Shooting?

I go to Eastern Illinois and this past weekend a fight broke out outside a bar…shots were fired and the cops are now lookin’ for the suspect. Cameras inside the bar caught the dude cuttin a rug…check out these moves



I don’t know why but I absolutely died when I saw these pictures. A+. Outstanding. Would look at again. Best Surveillance Photos of all time.


I mean if you’re going to have your face plastered all over the news/internet for a shooting at a bar they might as well be of you having an Awesome time right? Booty shaking, knee popping, shirt over the head move that some random white guy always pulls at a wedding, this guy had a GREAT night. Almost makes you forget the fact that he fired a gun into a crowd of people outside of a college bar, almost.


I pray to god those are tear-aways. Such a badass move. I still remember my one and only pair when I was like 12 years old playing YMCA basketball. Everything in my life has sucked since then.