VIDEO: Whale Tries To Re-Enact The Jonah Story From The Bible

Well that is one way to expedite a need for new underwear.  Holy SHIT!  Talk about an exciting day out on the water goddamn!  It is actually shocking to me that we don't have more incidents with Whales breaching and landing on boats.  Not because they would ever do it on purpose, or are too clumsy to know where enormous fiberglass objects are, but more out of proximity since they are both looking for the same stuff most of the time.  This whale going through a school of bait is concerning because the boat was there in the first place because they probably saw a school of bait.  If the whale is doing his thing and focused on eating, and the boat moves a little too close, it seems very realistic that this ENORMOUS animal could capsize that boat in a very short amount of time!

Watch at 1:58 of this video!!!

I mean I think there are bombs that could go off that would be less destructive to that boat than a Humpback Whale coming down on top of that tour group!  Just an overwhelming amount of uncontainable force.  Former Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich got this video while swimming in the Pacific and it shows you how absurd the amount of speed these enormous animals can get underwater.

I don't know man, it just seems like we are getting super lucky right now with the lack of Whales jumping onto boats and I think we shouldn't take that for granted!  I just hope I'm not on the boat if it eventually happens!