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Coach O Fucks, Obviously

I've been getting bombarded about this tweet over the last 12 hours. 

Are we surprised? It's Coach O. 

The man cemented himself as a big celeb and Louisiana legend with last year's 15-0 Tiger run to the title game in New Orleans THEN got divorced a month after, so hell yeah I'm sure the man is, PUN intended, on the prowl. 

Look at him in that picture. Looks like he's scoring as much offenses facing LSU defenses this year. 


In all seriousness this would go over a lot better if LSU was continuing to roll, though. Being 1-2 and giving up close to 50 ppg (seriously) and this picture drops isn't ideal, but that's the National Title hangover for ya. 

Imagine the pillow talk with this man. I picture it just being a lot of growling and animal noises with him laughing then screaming Geaux Tigahs. Perhaps that's part of why the ladies seem to like him. The mystery. They don't really know what he's saying but he's smiling and his accent does enough for them to get the job done.