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Watch the Body Cam Footage of These Cops Who Realized They Had Just Pulled Over Borat

Borat may have fooled Rudy Giuliani, but he had a tougher time getting one past these Georgia cops.

When these two police officers pulled over a yellow pickup truck with a woman riding in a carseat strapped to the hood, they caught on pretty quickly as to what was happening. At about the 5:50 mark, one of the cops goes over to a bystander to ask if he knows anything and says, "I'm guessing somebody is around here with a camera filming, because the dude sitting in the truck looks like Borat."

That's right, Sacha Baren Cohen. You may be able to get that shit past America's Mayor, but you're not fooling the Lilburn Police Department one bit. I don't know if the whole point was to get pulled over, but these guys were on his shit like white on rice.

My favorite part is at the very end when they're explaining that the woman on top of the car will obviously have to get inside and one of the cops mentions that she can ride in the bed if she wants to as long as her given age of "212 moons" is over 18. That guy was definitely ready to go home.

The original Borat is some of the funniest shit I've ever seen, so I'm intrigued to see how well the sequel holds up all these years later. I hope it is still very nice.

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