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Fuck. This.

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Look, I understand that Celino & Barnes Injury Attorneys 800 888-8888 broke up a few years ago and Cellino has to keep paying the bills in what I imagine is an extremely lucrative law career. But does he really need to throw his billboards in everyone's face while we are still mourning the passing of Barnes?

I'm not even that mad at the ad to be honest, even if Cellino's grin makes my blood boil. It's the phone number on the ad. Trading out 8s for 5s is such a smart yet disrespectful move to everything the C&B personal injury superteam accomplished together since you know that jingle isn't going to miss a beat from the OG.

If I'm injured in an accident, I will NOT be calling Cellino Law, who deserves to have this kind of disjointed jingle for being so heartless.