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Things Are Getting Serious In Miami As The Dolphins Have Removed Their Ping Pong Table From The Locker Room

Megan Briggs. Getty Images.

It has been a rollercoaster of a season so far for the Miami Dolphins. They started off the year beating the Patriots, Ravens, and Bills and were the talk of the league for three weeks. Since then, Miami has lost two quarterbacks and a pair of games. But today, the biggest loss of the season was announced: the locker room ping pong table.

Listen, it's a long season, and there is more than enough time for the Dolphins to get back on track. They still do have a winning record, after all. But how are we going to find out who is the Best in the Office Best on the Team now? Hopefully Miami can take care of business against the Minnesota Vikings at home this weekend, and then maybe, just maybe, there will be a discussion of rolling the table back into the locker room.

If that's the case and someone from the Dolphins is reading this blog, I am always available to play against some of your players. Just watch for yourself for some highlights: