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Is It "Wrong" To Fleece A Millionaire Into Giving You His Greenwich Mansion For Free?

Can't say I'm too familiar with squatting and/or squatter rights. The topic is far too legal and complicated for the likes of my Napoleonic (short) attention span. From a very basic understanding, it seems like all you have to do is stay on a piece of property long enough until it just becomes yours(?). To me - someone with zero prior knowledge on squatting - it just seems like alpha behavior. Just moving onto a property that isn't yours until it is yours? Very basic, routine behavior for any alpha. 

That's not to say I could ever squat. There appears to be far, far too much confrontation for yours truly to get mixed in with the squatting crowd of the world. They'd chew me up and spit me out. I'm the type of guy who gets squatted on. A stranger could show up at my house and take over an entire room and I'd have zero response. OMTE would fold like a lawn chair. Who wants to deal with that type of confrontation? Just so long as the squatter knows that I will NOT be cooking their meals (on weekdays)


A former Disney CFO says a couple used a legal loophole to squat in his $2.2 million Connecticut mansion — but the couple claims the castle was far from the fairytale promised.

Lawrence Rutkowski — who also steered the finances of Petco and NBC/General Electric — says he rented his nearly 8,000-square-foot Greenwich home to lawyer A. Mark Getachew and his wife, Denora.

But the couple hasn’t paid rent since they moved in in June, taking “advantage of the no-eviction moratorium,” according to an affidavit filed by Rutkowski in Norwalk Housing Court.

While the whole "I'm not getting paid rent" thing is a very hard pill to swallow, has this guy considered looking at it from their point of view? Can you really blame them? A chance to live in a mansion and benefit via government loophole? The American dream. It's also always fun to see some millionaire get fleeced out of money in some outrageous way you'd never expect. 

This couple has been living it up for damn near five months in a Greenwich mansion. Textbook fleece job. There's nothing this guy can do to stop them. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Clyde are out here sitting lovely in their rent-free mansion. I wish. Honestly pretty absurd that there is NO way he can immediately remove these con artists from his home. 

There also has to be an aspect of respect for this couple. Snake it till ya make it type beat. They honestly make me feel stupid that I haven't been living in a free mansion for months. 

“It is clear that they have no intention of paying rent — now or in the future because they know Governor [Ned] Lamont keeps extending the ‘no-eviction’ moratorium,” Rutkowski alleges in the affidavit.

Again, absurd to me that there is no way to get these freeloaders out of his house but that's just the way of the road, boys. It just so happens that a global pandemic is going on and no one in Connecticut can be evicted. Tough luck. Seeing as that clearly applies to new renters, perhaps I'll look into "renting" (wink, wink, nod, nod) a multi-million dollar estate myself. I don't see any harm if I wet the beak just a little. 

Rutkowski, a California resident, says what’s worse is that “without my consent, the Getachews have performed multiple alterations and have caused significant damage to my house and have run up huge bills in my name (all in violation of the lease),” the affidavit continues.

Oh no. This is bad. This house just belongs to this couple now. This Rutkowski character is getting big dicked to the point where this freeloading couple is refusing to pay rent but they're making major adjustments on the house? He may not be able to show his face around that place again. It belongs to them now. They've squatted. 

Now one could argue that the comically large pile of lawsuits that comes with such a situation "isn't worth it." Phooey. I'd trade years of legal battles for five (potentially more) months in some upscale Connecticut mansion any day of the week. That's high-class living and probably the closest I'd get to such a lifestyle anyways, so fuck it. I'd like to see them try to take the $25 I have to my name.