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K-Cav Says She Doesn't Want Her Kids Playing Football



Kristin Cavallari, the fiancee of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, said Monday she’ll try to persuade their 5-month-old son, Camden, not to play football when he gets older, although she knows that could be a difficult task.

“I will try to steer Cam in a different direction, maybe a sport that isn’t so aggressive,” Cavallari told Chicago. “Maybe baseball — something where he doesn’t have to get hit.”

President Barack Obama was the latest to join the chorus of concern over head injuries in football when he told The New Republic that if he had a son he would think long and hard before allowing that son to play football. Former NFL stars such as Troy Aikman expressed similar sentiments.

Cutler has suffered concussions the past two seasons that caused him to miss the game the following week.

“At the end of the day, I think if he wants to play football, I don’t know if I’m gonna have too much control over it,” said Cavallari, who is a former MTV reality star. “You know, how can your dad be a football player and you tell them that they can’t do it?”


A bunch of people have been sending me this story today so I thought I should address it. Honestly, I see it as a non-story for 2 reasons. 1) Cutler is on record saying his kids are playing football and 2) I really don’t understand this new question that every media member asks “Will you let your kids play football”? Other people’s children are of no consequence to me. I don’t care if its my neighbors kid, Camden Cutler, or Barack Obama’s invisible made up son, football isn’t going anywhere no matter how many hypothetical children aren’t playing in the future. Sure the game needs to adapt, but this whole “Football will be dead in 20 years” thing is crazy to me. There’s no way in a million years that will happen. Football is America. America is Football. Do concussions suck? Yes. Is mental illness and post concussion brain trauma a terrible thing? Of course it is. But I just can’t see that completely eliminating the most popular sport in the history of America. Change yes, make it extinct? Hell no.


So call me stupid or naive but that’s why I don’t see this as much of a story. This is a story for Mike Lupica and the Sports Reporters on Sunday Morning so that they can pretend they’re promoting concussion awareness and sleep better at night even though they’ve all made their careers covering a violent sport.


I think it would be a story if K-Cav came out and said she wanted Cutler to stop playing football right now. Or if Obama said that he wants the NFL to suspend play tomorrow  until they figure out a solution. Talking about hypothetical scenarios 20 years down the line just seems meaningless to me.