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Epstein's Prison Buddy Just Put Out A Book With Some Real Clinton And Trump Zingers In It. Also - Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition To Be Released Tomorrow 9AM.

I'm not here to write about how Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. 

It's really not debatable. 

If you disagree, CLICK HERE.

Anyway, that little weasel made a buddy during his short stint in prison before he didn't hang himself. 

And that guy, of course, is a writing a book about their talks together. Mainly about all the famous people he knew and his anecdotes about them.

The Daily Mail - ...In December, Mersey claimed Epstein launched into an unsolicited tale about Clinton.

He said: '[Epstein] said he was walking down the street in a Chinese city with him and a really beautiful Asian girl walked by. [Clinton] turned to him and said, ''That woman makes my dick harder than Chinese arithmetic'.''...

Epstein is also said to have told him 'pussy' motivated him, according to the new book.  

And on currency trading Tisdale said Epstein told him: 'You know how pussy acts, how her mood will be next month and maybe in two months - that's the same way to look at currency.' ...

The prison pal had already told in December of last year how Epstein did not betray any of his influential friends or show remorse. 

But he added: 'He didn't brag about his lifestyle but Epstein knew everybody that matters, so I did ask him one time, "Jeffrey, give me one anecdote that's emblematic of the essence of Donald Trump".

'Epstein thought about it and then said, ''Donald and I are flying in my private jet to Florida and I have a French girl with me. Donald says to me, why don't we land in Atlantic City so I can show your friend my casino?

'[Epstein] said, "I'm not landing in Atlantic City, it's all white trash down there." So the French girl goes, "what does white trash mean? I don't understand." And Trump says, ''It's me without money.'''  

Don't be assholes and make this into a political dispute and ruin some good old fashioned dick jokes from Slick Willy.

"Dick's harder than Chinese arithmetic"? 

Giphy Images.

Hat tip sir. 

I really hope that one day after he passes away that a buddy of Bill's comes forward with a little moleskin that belonged to Bill, that he's been protectively holding onto for all these years. Like the Knight and the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones 3. And that he does the Patriotic thing and donates it to Bill's Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR. In it will be thousands and thousands of dick jokes, sex stories, and phone numbers with no names listed but with hair color, sex acts, and locations instead. 

I.E. - xxx-xxx-5555 - Brunette, Eiffle Towered with Vern, Berlin. 

The Trump story doesn't really make sense to me, but I'm an idiot so who knows. 

I don't see an egomaniac like him ever referring to himself like that in the presence of an attractive woman (assumed) but maybe his game is just that good. 

At the end of the day, who knows with any of this hearsay what's true and what's not. The world was robbed of watching this little piece of shit squirm on the stand, by the people who took him out. 

There is some good news though. 

9 AM tomorrow it's fireworks time.