Watch The Top 10 Calls EVER In Rough N Rowdy History Before RnR 12 On Friday Night Ya Rats

My brain is back with arguably the biggest news of the week aka the GREATESET amateur PPV in world history returning. RnR 12 has Red VS Blue rivalries in every single matchup so far with some of the craziest brawlers we could find all over America. No doubt more all-time calls are on the way this Friday and with no crowd in West Bumfuck only way to watch is on

Take from me as a former/current/all-time champion, the juice is worth the squeeze at these goddamn events. 1 of the crazier experiences I'll ever have at Barstool and you can make your own memory too doing the Play Barstool picks before the PPV. Gotta answer 10 questions on last 5 fights of the night and squaddouche you could become a $25k champion. Now do I get to keep it all if I win though? Say yes you frauds