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Footage Of Kevin Durant Playing Basketball Is Out And He Looks Great

You know the drill by now. I love NBA Workout SZN. Nothing gets the blood flowing like seeing guys participate in offseason workouts. Doesn't matter if it's solo workouts taking threes or actually getting some run in like we see in this Durant video. I cannot get enough of them. The hope they give to fans of that player/team is some of the most intoxicating stuff you'll find on the internet. Love that this is becoming the norm in 2020.

Which brings us to Kevin Durant. I don't care about the competition he's going up against. I don't care that this is just an open run of some kind. Being able to watch Kevin Durant play basketball is awesome. There's no doubt his return next season is one of the biggest questions in all of the NBA. Now with Kyrie, the Nets have NBA Finals/title expectations right away. Will he come back and look like the old KD? Will be be explosive or will his quickness take a huge hit? If so, how does he adapt? The history of that injury isn't great, but Durant is also a basketball alien so who knows.

All things considered, he looked like the same old Durant to me. I acknowledge that this is in no way the same level as what he'll face on an NBA court, but I still see a guy that can move. He still looks as devastating as ever as a scorer. Call me a sucker if you want, I just really enjoy watching Durant play. Remember this?

It sure would be sweet to have that back in our lives again. Even though he now plays for a team that resides in the same division as my beloved Celtics and I'm supposed to hate him, I can't. I really cannot wait to see what he looks like and hope that he does return looking like the same old KD. That guy is incredibly fun to watch play.

If I were a Nets fan, this video would obviously have me over the moon. I'd watch this on repeat until my eyes bled. That's the beauty of Workout SZN and why these clips are like crack.