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Is This Heaven? No, It's The Greatest Wiffle Ball Field In The History Of Backyards




Reader Email: Brickley Field

So basically, my buddy Brian (or Bricks as we call him) is a 27 year old man with a 12 year old soul. He decided to put an offer in on his house just a few hours after walking through it, based largely on the fact that the two telephone poles in his backyard were positioned perfectly as to where major league foul poles would be. We added the chain link fence in right field to keep the balls out of the old timers garden in the back, painted the left field fence green and the rest is history. It’s called “Brickley Field” and we usually meet a few times a week to play. Records are kept of each game, including individual statistics, and the distribution of hot dogs and beers is a tradition as well. The photos included are from the annual tournament that takes place at the end of the summer. Anyway, it’s a good activity for those of us that don’t want to do any actual base running but still want to play some ball, and we hope to continue the tradition until we all have wives and kids and shit, assuming we don’t all off ourselves before then.


Ebetts. Wrigley. Brickley. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again, a home is only as good as its backyard Wiffle Ball field potential. This right here is the Field Of Dreams of the yellow sticks. I’m half surprised Shoeless Joe isn’t there drunk smacking dingers. I mean, look at this field. There are legitimate fans in the stands wasting away their lives watching a grown men play Wiffle Ball. And I wouldn’t want it any other way, either. If this Heaven wasn’t in upstate NY I’d be there every weekend making knees buckle and impregnating women with the patented Smitty Slider. Steve Carlton’s Snapper couldn’t sniff the taint on that pitch.

Absolutely LOVE the fact someone is hardo dedicated enough to keep a record of invidiual stats. It would be 100x better if they made their wife keep track, which definitely is the case.


PS – Bro front and center wearing the full baseball uni might want to take it down a couple notches.