Tyler Herro's Hot Streak Continues: Katya Elise Henry, The Insane Bubble Run And Die-Hard Louisville Fan Jack Harlow Just Dropped A Song Named 'Tyler Herro'

What a run for Tyler Herro. If we're just focusing on his professional career, it started during quarantine when him and Katya Elise Henry became a thing. 

Then there was the run in the bubble. He became one of the biggest storylines as he closed games for the Heat and had the game where he dropped 37 against the Celtics

Upped his scoring average, rebounds per game and assists per game. He's one of the hottest young names in the game thanks to the run to the Finals while being best friends with Jimmy Butler. But then Jack Harlow teased yesterday he has a song coming out specifically about Tyler Herro. Yes, the same Jack Harlow that was at Magic City with Lou Williams: 

The same Jack Harlow that is a die-hard Louisville fan. The same Jack Harlow that Kentucky hoops uses for videos to troll Louisville fans. That's how hot of a run Tyler Herro is on. 

And here's the song: 

9.9 outta 10. Would have been a 10 outta 10 if he mentioned Herro decommitting from Wisconsin. 

Harlow's jumper? A 2.4 outta 10. That thing stinks.