There Better Be A Line Brawl On The Opening Faceoff If A Team Comes Out On The Ice In A Limo

I'm not gonna lie. This move kicks so much ass. Doesn't matter if it's a beer league where you just have a couple of the girlfriends in the crowd. In fact, that's what makes this move kick even more ass. Because unless this team is sponsored by a limousine company (totally plausible), the boys all had to fork up the money to rent a limo, convince the rink to let them drive a limo out on the ice, and convince said limo driver to go along with it. Now that I think about it, it probably makes more sense that one of the guys on the team is a limo driver but whatever. This move is bad ass. 

With all that being said...if you're the other team then you need to immediately drop the mitts and fight these pricks the moment the game starts. I'd say even that would be too late. I think as soon as you see the Zamboni doors open and a limo is pulling out onto the ice, your gloves have to be halfway off. You simply cannot let something like this happen without any sort of push back. You allow this type of behavior to go down and then line up for puck drop as if nothing happened, you've already lost the game. Puck hits the ice for the first time and it's already over. 

Again, it's a great move. An all-time move. But that doesn't change the fact that some fisticuffs are urgently necessary here.

P.S. - Great tribute to Bombay.