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Big Ol' Gal Destroys A Gas Station Because They Ran Out Of Skittles



Listen, normally I don’t condone the destruction of a gas station.  They are modern day cathedrals.  They are the only places in the entire world where you can buy batteries, a hot dog and fire wood all in one stop.  You simply can’t beat that.  Gas stations should be treated with the utmost respect from the people who visit them.  But, with all of that said, gas stations have a responsibility to their customers as well.  There’s a reason they are modern day cathedrals.  Because they are always there for us when we need them and when they aren’t there for us when we need them?  Like being out of Skittes when that big ol’ gal just wants Skittles?  Well then there’s a price to pay.  That price being having all of your shit thrown around by a lady who just wants to taste the rainbow.  Good for her.  Burn that place to the ground if you have to.  Make an example out of them.  We want Skittles and when do we want them?  Now!