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Oh WOW - Does Vegas Have The Sexiest "Reverse Retro" Jerseys Leaked Yet?

Yesterday, I blogged about the upcoming "Reverse Retro" jerseys that are being heavily rumored to be installed in the NHL in the coming year.  There are some very cool ideas seemingly on the way soon.

Then today, Sin Bin Vegas, which is the most trusted source on Vegas Golden Knights news, leaks this rendering of the new Vegas jerseys... and WOW!!!

When Vegas announced their new third jerseys about a week ago, people questioned why they didn't utilize the alternate logo, as they already had two jerseys with the "knight head" logo.  Well, we may not have had all of the information we needed, because it appears they had this up their sleeve.  That is a HOT jersey folks.  WOW.  How the hell does an expansion franchise have the coolest "retro" jersey yet?!

They are supposedly an homage on the old Las Vegas Thunder, who had a different color scheme, but a similar jersey style with the same sleeves, and bottom.

Whatever they are based off of, they are sexy jerseys.  I hate to say it since the Golden Knights now have the Blues former Captain at the helm of their D corps, but they are firmly in the running for best jerseys in the league.  Credit where it's due.