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Monchengladbach Player Had To Google Himself To Prove To Stadium Security He Was On The Team Before Their Champions League Game

This has gotta be a bottom-1 to a top-1 feeling in the world right? Marcus Thuram isn't a nobody. He's scored 11 goals in 34 games for Gladbach. It's not like he's new. It's not like he's some benchwarmer. So getting stopped, being asked to prove you're on a team as you are trying to get into Inter Milan's stadium for a press conference sucks. Nobody wants to do that. 

Now that said, there's gotta be no better feeling than going one second. Googling yourself and pulling up images of you being an awesome soccer player to prove you are in fact said soccer star. I'd be screaming that shit from the top of my lungs when you prove the security guard wrong. I'd show up next time with a poster of myself and my contract to prove it. 

You know who wouldn't let this happen? This security guard

If I'm Thuram though I run with this. I have my highlight package available at all times. Just playing this on loop any time I'm walking into a stadium