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Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio Has A Never Before Thought Of Strategy On How To Beat The Chiefs This Week

[PFT] - “We’ve got to score touchdowns,” Fangio told PFT after Sunday’s 18-12 victory in New England. “You’re not gonna win many games scoring 18 points each week and particularly with who you mentioned we’re playing next week. We’ve got to score more points.

Whoa, wait a damn minute here. You're telling me the Broncos need to score points to win? How did no other coach besides Jon Gruden think of this when they play the Chiefs? Bill O'Brien's mind is absolutely blown right now to even think about not kicking a field goal. 

I'm so pumped to watch this game now. Nobody loves pretending to be tougher than football coaches. Then the moment it's 4th and 2 from the opposing 42 they take a delay of game and punt. Vic Fangio is going to have to go for it every time pretty much now against the Chiefs. 

The thing is he's mostly right. 80% of the season the Chiefs offense is humming. They are scoring touchdowns in the red zone. They are scoring like 28-30 points a game. You can't typically kick field goals against that type of offense. But saying it and doing it are completely different things. It's not even against the Chiefs. This should be the general thought process by coaches. Go for it more. Stop kicking long field goals and punts to 'switch the field' when you net like 25 yards. Points are always more important than field position. 

Take it away Herm