Are We Getting The Greatest 24-Hour Span In Combat Sports History This Weekend?

We may actually be on the verge of the greatest 24-hour span in combat sports history this weekend, ladies and gentlemen.

On FRIDAY NIGHT, we've got RNR 12: FIGHT CAMP invading West Virginia featuring the legitimate best fight card we've ever put together....

We'll be crowning our first UNDISPUTED CHAMP in a fight between two of the best competitors the RNR ring has ever seen, and I'll be on commentary for all of it along with Dave/Big Cat! Caleb and Rone will be handling the ringside interviews, as always. 

We all really feel like we finally have the right amount of fights/main events this time around, where the night will be action-packed and worth your money from start to finish, and there's now a chance to make $25,000 off your picks on the final five fights - FOR FREE!

Absolute NO BRAINER to take advantage of, and something that'll make the night a lot more interesting for everyone watching, imo!

Then, on SATURDAY AFTERNOON (MAIN CARD STARTS AT 2PM EST), we've got UFC 254: Khabib vs Gaethje….

Again, THE MAIN CARD STARTS AT 2PM EST, PEOPLE!!! Don't miss it thinkin you could wait around all day for the fights!

Khabib faces the man some are calling his toughest challenge yet in Justin Gaethje, who just laid down some harsh words about the champ's fanbase….

Gaethje, the current UFC Interim Lightweight Champion (tho he'd never let you know that) is a superb and very unpredictable striker who earned this opportunity with a career-best performance against Tony Ferguson this Summer, breaking his 12-fight win streak with a truly brutal beating. His wrestling defense is also probably gonna be better than Khabib's last few opponents have had in response to the Dagestani's grappling/mauling attacks, so it's going to be a verrrry interesting fight. Especially considering Khabib is gonna be in there for more than just himself this go-around…..

Can't wait.