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How About Maury (Yes, That Maury) Roasting Riggs' Golf Swing Outta Nowhere On KFC Radio?


God DAMN. Maury just coming over the top on Riggs' golf swing on KFC Radio. There are certain moments at Barstool Sports that are totally and completely surreal and Maury fucking Povich chirping Riggs about his golf swing is one of those moments. Watching that made me feel like I'm living in an alternate universe. I've been watching Maury for my entire life and then OUTTA NOWHERE he critiques the golf swing of my podcast cohost. It could not have been more out of left field.

And listen, if you're brave enough/stupid enough to put your golf swing on the internet, people are going to critique it. There's no avoiding it. It just comes with the territory. We Fore Play guys have been putting our swings on the internet for years at this point so there isn't a tip or a fix or an insult we haven't heard. Put one clip of your swing on the world wide web and watch the wannabe Butch Harmons roll in. Every Tom, Dick and Harry who plays golf thinks they have THE TIP that is going to instantly fix someone else's golf swing. After awhile you just learn to just block it all out and try your best out there. Keep your eye on the ball and swing smoothly.

But when that critique comes from the one and only Maury Povich? That's a whole different ballgame. I mean that's a guy who's revealed the hard truth to countless people over the years, so why would he then lie about how to fix a golf swing? Exactly. He wouldn't. Maury tells no lies. Not to mention I heard through the grapevine that Maury can really play. He's a serious golfer. Turns out when Maury isn't revealing who is or isn't the father he's out there grinding on the driving range and breaking down film of Riggs' swing on the Fore Play instagram page. What a world.

By the way, Maury roasting of Riggs' swing began a couple weeks ago on Barstool Breakfast 

That dude just DESPISES Riggs' swing.