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Only A Few More Days To Get Your Tickets To Barstool Chicago's Takeover of US Cellular Field

Real quick, there’s only a handful of days left before were stopping ticket sales of Barstool Chicago’s takeover of the Cell on June 20th. We don’t give a shit who you root for, it’s an open invite to anyone who wants to come take in a game with the Barstool Chicago crew and Big Daddy Trent on the lovely south side of Chicago, IL.


55 Dollars
– Game ticket and patio pass – you MUST purchase both for this event
– The patio deal starts at 11:40am and lasts until 1:40pm – two full hours to eat/ drink as much as humanly possible

Like we said before, this as event for ALL Stoolies. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Cubs fan, Sox, or in from out of town. You need to be at this event. Boatloads of bags, beer, baseball, and Barstool. Don’t even think about missing it.