What Makes Matthew McConaughey So Cool? The Man Himself Explains on Pardon My Take

On today's Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on one of the most famous guests to ever appear on the show. Matthew McConaughey made his debut on the No. 1 Sports Podcast and the guys discussed a wide variety of topics including Texas football being back (maybe), Jeff Fisher, "The Wolf of Wall Street" chest beat, and much, much more. But let's dive into a point of the interview when Mr. Cat asked a question that we are all thinking: What makes Matthew McConaughey so cool?

Mr. Cat: This might be a weird question, I'm sure you've been asked it before, but when did you find out that you were just cool. Like when was that moment? Did you know early on, that I'm just cooler than people?

Matthew McConaughey: (Laughs)

Mr. Cat: Like, that laugh was cool.

Matthew McConaughey: Oh man. I mean, look. I looked up to my big brother, Pat. And he was the coolest, man. I mean, I write about it in the book. He was my inspiration for Wooderson in Dazed and Confused. Now, to this day, was he that guy? And he's like, comes to me 'Thanks a lot, man.' I'm like, 'Nah, dude, it was you. I remember mom and I went to go pick you up at school because you're Z28, which is super fucking cool, was broke down, and we were picking you up from school, and we couldn't find you because you weren't where you were supposed to meet us.'

Matthew McConaughey: And I'm in the back of the station wagon, and I'm looking out, and I see this silhouette of this dude leaning against a wall, brick wall, in the shadow section of the smoking section at school. He's got his left leg up, boot heel against the wall, hanging in a cigarette in a lazy right hand bringing it up, token it. And I go, 'There's Pat.' And I had to stop because I know mom, he'd get in trouble for smoking, but it was my brother. And man, in that image in my eyes outside the back of that station wagon, he was cooler than James Dean. He was 10 feet tall, man. He was the stud. And that's who Wooderson is based on. What's cool? Here's what's cool. Being yourself and being cool with yourself and just not trying to be everything to everybody. You know, I got no problem with nerds. I just don't like dorks. A dork tries to be everything to everybody, you can't really trust him. 

Matthew McConaughey: I know some nerds that are very cool. I know some very cool nerds. But I'm not a fan of dorks. Give me an asshole before you give me a dork. At least I know where the assholes stand. You know what I mean?

Mr. Commenter: Assholes can be cool, too. 

Mr. Cat: I like that.

What an awesome story. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter teased Matthew McConaughey as one of the best storytellers to appear on the show, and it's the fine details in ones like this that make it great. If you didn't crack a smile when the three of them started humming and chest beating to "The Wolf of Wall Street" at the end of the interview, you don't enjoy fun! Alright, alright, alright.