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Report: The NHL Is Bringing Back Retro Jerseys For Every Team In The League

Icethetics is a cool place for people who are into the "fashion" of sports, aka new jerseys and the rumors surrounding them.  It's interesting to check every once in awhile to see what is brewing, and right now, something is brewing!  I've been seeing a ton of smoke recently about the NHL incorporating "4th Jerseys" that would all have a "Reverse Retro" theme. As you can see above, they would have elements of old 90's jerseys but just be a flipped, new take on them.  The folks at Icethetics take this type of stuff very serious and are normally pretty accurate, and they seem to think its a done deal.

Being " told all teams will be wearing them" seems like something a guy would say who knows that this is actually happening. I saw this jersey this morning, and it only strengthened the case that this is indeed going down.

Now the old screaming eagle is an unreal jersey, but this red and blue "dark on dark" color scheme is kind of gross.  Looks like a roller hockey jersey I would have worn at State Wars growing up (shoutout to Team Missouri 92's double national champs nbd) and I have trouble believing an entire NHL team is going to wear that in a game, but we'll see.  Here are some other potential ideas for different teams.  My guess is we will know a lot more very soon!