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All The Good Hoops Players From The Ivy League Are Now Transferring Because The League Completely Fucked Them Over

So there's a major problem in college hoops right now and it's because the Ivy League is fucking insanely stupid. I know that sounds weird since it's, you know, the Ivy League. But trust me. That tweet above is from Co-Player of the Year, Paul Atkinson from Yale, who announced he's transferring. Not always a huge deal, right? Well, remember we're less than 40 days away from the start of the season and he's now the third massive name to announce they are transferring from an Ivy League school joining Seth Towns and Bryce Aiken from Harvard. Hell, there have been 10 Ivy League players to announce they are grad transferring like this since last spring. 

The reason? The Ivy League fucks over their players. They only give them 4 years, injury, redshirt, whatever. You don't get that year back. Not to mention they are one of just two leagues to refuse to play nonconference games this year - the Patriot League being the other. But outside of the NCAA, the Ivy League has the most archaic rules that prove they aren't there to help the athletes. If that was the case, they'd let them have the 5th year for injury and keep covering the scholarship. There wouldn't be a mass exodus of good players from a league that can win an NCAA Tournament game. 

The real concern is the Ivy League doesn't play at all this year. We've seen them be as cautious as any league in Division I when it comes to coronavirus and the Presidents haven't exactly been confident in playing a conference season. There has been no release of a schedule, no even talk about how they'd play a conference schedule. We are seeing low-major leagues put out different examples, with America East being the most recent

As a college hoops fan this sucks to see for the Ivy League. They are recruiting better than ever - mostly Tommy Amaker at Harvard. Hell, they have had the outside chance at getting two bids into the NCAA Tournament too. We saw Cornell make a Sweet 16 in 2012. We saw Harvard win games in the 2013 and 2014 NCAA Tournament before losing by 2 to UNC in 2015. They are absolutely fucking their players over though with these archaic rules and pretty soon we may not have an Ivy League.