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It's Barely Been Over A Week Since The NBA Season Ended And I Already Miss It

The NBA season ended just 9 days ago. You would think that after the crazy three months we had of the bubble restart and epic playoffs that maybe it would be nice to have a little break. Nope. Not even close. Even though I thought I was maybe prepared given we had a 4 month hiatus in the middle of the season, I can't lie, I miss there being basketball on my TV right now. I think it's because normally my brain is conditioned for this time of year to be the start of the next season, but it just doesn't feel right. Something feels like its missing. We're all just sitting here, refreshing Twitter waiting for the next Woj bomb, everyone putting out the same fake trades over and over (if I see one more Oladipo/Turner Celts trade my head is going to explode), we need free agency in the worst way possible but I'm not sure even that will scratch the itch. I think what also impacts my brain is nobody has any goddamn idea when next season will start. January 18th? Sure! Earlier? Maybe but probably not! The whole thing is exhausting.

So if you're like me and you need that basketball itch scratched today, luckily you have me. As someone that blogged right through that horrible hiatus, nobody knows how to copy and paste basketball highlights like yours truly. In fact, I have made it my career. It's what got me through cube life and it is what will get us through this dead period together. Enjoy.