Little Bit Of Advice - Don't Reply 'No Shit Sherlock' To A Cop When They Explain They Are Arresting You For Being Drunk As Hell On A Plane

[Source] - As cops led them from the aircraft, Robinson, who had to be handcuffed, yelled: "At least let us get off the plane for f*** sake. And when officers informed Fisher she was drunk, she replied: ''No s*** Sherlock'."

At Stockport magistrates court, Robinson and Fisher, both of Salford, Greater Manchester, faced a maximum to two years jail after they pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft.

But each escaped with a £300 fine after prosecutors admitted it was a ''shame'' no details of their conduct on the flight itself had been provided to the court.

Just a little bit of advice from someone who has been drunk on plenty of flights and never been arrested on said planes, just don't respond 'no shit sherlock' when a cop says you're being arrested for being drunk. Granted it's an A+ chirp back, but save that for your boyfriend or even your parents. Hell, even your boss. But if you handcuffs on, going with 'no shit sherlock' doesn't tend to play as well. 

The real shock here is 2 years for being drunk on an aircraft? Two years?!? Everyone knows how easy it is to get drunk on a plane. A couple bourbon, gingers and not standing up while you're 30,000 feet in the air, next thing you know you feel it. There's no better feeling than the surprise plane drunk, typically reserved to the flight to Vegas. Maybe you have a friend show up with unlimited drink coupons. Either way, I'm just saying I can understand the drunk on a plane result here. 

I love this quote though: 

Representing himself, Robinson said: ''That day was a bit of a blur. We had a party all day and it got out of hand and we drank in the airport waiting for the plane. It’s been over-exaggerated about the way we were giving abuse. Maybe we were loud but we were not abusive. I’ve been out of trouble for a long time now.''

Who amongst us hasn't had a day get away from us? I started Common Man Wednesday's last week where I talk about a random common man thing. This might be the very most common man thing in the world. You go to meet a friend for lunch at The Oak, grab some wings and a bucket of beer. Next thing you know you're sitting there for 8 hours with shots, forget to eat dinner and have to walk home only to go get your car raining on a Monday morning. That one hits close to home. If you know the Oak, then you know what I'm talking about. Also saying 'I've been out of trouble for a long time now' for getting arrested for being drunk is A+. Just an awesome line. 

Again, get drunk on a plane. Have a couple termies unless you're Bailey and have to work. Just don't tell a cop 'no shit sherlock' when they explain they are arresting you for being drunk.