Wake Up With Eric Lindell, Again

I do these types of wake up blogs here and there and it's because I fucking love this kind of music and feel obligated to shove it down people's throats for whatever reason. I stumbled upon Eric Lindell towards the beginning of corona and at this point I can safely say he's one of my very favorite artists on the planet. If you listen to our radio show, you'd know that I've picked him for our intro song a handful of times and out of all the DM's I've ever gotten, "who is that dude you played on radio?" is the most common DM I've ever gotten because he instantly resonates with a LOT of people. 

Do yourself a favor and just play his music straight through. He's fucking amazing. Exceptionally good on guitar, his lyrics play and his style of music is good for any mood. This is one of those "just trust me" type deals. Just trust me - if you're into Louisiana southern style blues with a new aged twist, listen to him today. He's fucking awesome in every single way. 

Just trust me. Seriously. The dude is fucking awesome. That's all.