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Wake Up With the 2004 Red Sox Completing the Comeback

This was 16 years ago today, October 20, 2004. And just to remind you kids out there how it came to this, here’s how this one turned into a rout:

There’s been a lot of superlatives in Boston over the last couple of decades. As a matter of fact, one of the best barguments we have is “Which has been the best championship of the last 20 years?” But among the non-championship moments, or the wins that Led to championships, this one stands alone. And will for eternity.

What I need more than anything is to find video of the crowd reaction shots. One my deathbed I’ll still remember the sight of Billy Crystal with tears streaming down his face. Spike Lee and Diddy standing there in NYY jackets and hats with looks of utter shock on their faces like they were staring at a crime scene. Which I suppose they were. It was one of the all time great moments sipping tears and just the thought of it fills me with joy when I’m feeling blue. Thanks for the memories, 2004 Red Sox.