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How Many Passwords Is Too Many To Change After Discovering Your Life Is In The Process of Being Hacked?

Just the message you want to see pop on your laptop as you are surfing the inter-webs. Your passwords have been exposed for the internet to see and your life as you know is quickly coming to an end. You've been got. How many passwords are at risk in the real question. Let's see…

NINETY TWO. More on that in a second as we try to retrace our steps and nail the moment this all went to shit. 

I believe things began to go array when I checked my bank statement the other day to see a $100 debit from a nursing center. Now I haven't been to a nursing home/center in over almost 15 years since my grandparents were last alive, so this certainly was perplexing. I don't leave my apartment unless it's to pick up food, grab an occasional alcohol beverage (so sick you drink Hubbs) or go to work. I am beginning to lose my memory, but I know for certain I did not spend $100 at a nursing center recently. I haven't the slightest clue how to recover this money, but that's besides the point. 

The Google machine has told me I have NINETY TWO (92) passwords compromised and I think this nursing center thing has something to do with it! I understand getting hacked is bad news bears and some of my information can be quite important, but that all being said, 92 passwords is just an insurmountable number to tackle. No human being in their right mind is going to sit there and individually change all of their passwords like that. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar, plain and simple. That is no way to live. I refuse to do it. I refuse! I am calling your bluff nursing home! Bring it on. 

Okay full disclosure, I changed my Chase banking password because I'd prefer to wake up and not see zero dollars in there. Everything besides that isn't going anywhere. 92 is simply not do-able for a guy as lazy as me. 

While on the topic, what would be a reasonable number to change? I think anything over 20 you just punt and move on with your life. Under 20, you can space it out and get that done in a day or two. Max 30, and not a drop more, but even thinking about that is exhausting. 

Now is on me for basically having three passwords I cycle through since the age of 12? For sure, I am an idiot, but I have a feeling you guys are in a similar boat. We're not smart. We're easily hackable. When the time comes to show our cards we're probably going to lose to the hackers. You just have to hope that day never comes. Mine appears to be here. I will stand strong as my identity gets stolen by some nursing home cyber team. I have no other play. 

As I dealt with this dilemma last night I received this response and it angered me to no end. 

In my personal opinion, two step verification is one of the more ridiculous things ever forced upon on us as human beings. I think we used to have it for accessing the blog and it caused me to lose my fucking mind. Is it probably the most secure way to handle your business? I'd imagine so since you need two devices to gain access to something. Is it also the most annoying thing imaginable? Absolutely. A few years ago I got a new iPhone and had to engage in two-step nav to set it up. I proceeded to get locked out of my phone for two whole days since I did not have a second Apple device at the time. I will die before I access two-step nav on my phone again and that is a promise to you the reader. 

See you all on the other side.