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English Soccer Team Holds An Internet Poll To Name Their Stadium, Immediately Say The Results Don't Matter When 'Kevin' Wins

[The Sun] - FOREST GREEN Rovers have angered fans after ignoring a competition to name the new stadium - because the people’s choice was KEVIN. 

Chairman Dale Vince took to Twitter to placate angry fans.

Vince, 59, tweeted: "Sorry if you hoped the stadium would be called Kevin. Perhaps Forest Green and innocent will do a 'Kevin's Go Free' game when fans are allowed back in?"

You can't run an Internet poll and then refuse to acknowledge the winner. The Internet has rules and this is rule number 2, behind assume everyone in AOL chat rooms were guys. A/s/l? But Kevin Stadium? That's the name of this place. You can't ignore that, no matter how much you don't like the name Kevin.

*Insert CCK's opening where people keep saying Kevin* 

This just reminds me of Boaty McBoatface. Remember that? 

At what point do people learn about the Internet though? You can't sit here and expect the Internet to not make a joke out of it. That's what the Internet does. We make jokes about literally anything and everything. Have they spent 5 minutes on Twitter? You put up a poll where people made accounts and memes no more than 30 seconds after a fly landed on Mike Pence's head. You put up poll where a man known as the porn king lives. I've witnessed a co-worker issue another co-worker a wank battle on said place where poll was. That's how you end up with Kevin. They should be lucky it was just Kevin too. Kevin Stadium. Not going to lie. It's got a ring to it.