Maine Superintendent Calls The Cops On A Girl Who Wouldn't Take Her Graduation Cap Off Which Paid Tribute To Her Friend Who Died From Cancer



CORINTH, MaineA high school refused to let a student walk at graduation because of her graduation cap and called the sheriff’s office when she refused to remove the cap. The senior decorated it to honor her best friend who died from cancer. Samuel Alexander died of cancer in 2011 at age 15. His best friend, Natasha Miller, and four other girls wanted to memorialize him by decorating their caps at the Central High School graduation this weekend in Corinth, which is against dress code.“They just simply told us you need to either undecorate your cap or you can’t march. The other students decided to take their stuff off but I decided I didn’t want to march without Sam,” Miller said. RSU 64 Superintendent Rhonda Sperrey said “It was more about complying with what had been asked for students with dress protocol for the ceremony.”Officials said they called the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office after Miller refused to take off her cap to make sure things didn’t get out of control.


Congratulations everybody! Everytime you think school administrators can’t sink any lower they go out and do the impossible and sink even lower. Seriously this may be best school administrator story of all time. Superintendent Rohnda Sperrey calling the cops on a chick because she wouldn’t take off her graduation cap that had a tribute to best friend who died from cancer. I guess she sort of has a point though. Like if you let this girl walk pretty soon every Tom Dick and Harry who had their best friends die from cancer at age 15 are gonna start paying tributes to them at graduation. Then what do you have? Anarchy plain and simple. Nope rules are rules. If kids don’t obey you call the cops and lock em up. America baby! School Administrators doing it big per usual.