Aaron Hernandez Trying To Score Some Conjugal Visits In New Letter To Female Fan

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Still got it! I guess the girl told him that she had considered asking him if she could go visit in Walpole, but she never pulled the trigger. I love this move from Aaron. He didn’t say you should come, he said if you had asked then he would have said to come. That still puts the whole thing on her, a veteran flirty move. That let’s you keep the “I didn’t ask you to come over, you asked to come over” in your back pocket and let’s you avoid rejection if she doesn’t show or let’s you put the blame on her if things don’t go according to plan. It’s a real savvy move.


Also love the wink/tongue out smiley as it serves the same purpose. It’s flirting, but it’s also playful. If your wink face advances are rejected you can say it was just a joke, if she says “I didn’t know you were serious!” then you can say “What are you talking about?! I sent a wink face!” It’s yet another perfect play to give yourself an excuse no matter what the outcome is. Really gotta give it up for Hernandez keeping this flirt game going. Dude shot like 5 people in the last year and still has more chicks begging for that dick than me or you, gotta respect that.



Not crazy about the “don’t regret it, everything happens for a reason” but maybe that works? Remind chicks of the stupid quotes they post and they’ll associate you with being a good guy even though you’re in jail? Not sure, but even shooting 66% on flirty texts is a pretty good ratio.