I Will Never Forgive Dan Snyder If Chase Young And Terry McLaurin Get Wasted Here


Once again Chase Young was a menace on the field yesterday. No sacks, but he was pressuring on every play, facing double teams and chips, and just making his presence felt on nearly every snap. The casual fans who just see "1.5 tackles" have no idea of his impact on the game, so let's ignore those folks. It's similar to the "he disappeared in the Clemson game" people and then when you watch the tape it's like "holy shit that is absurd what he did". 

Despite the early injury (and I'm not positive he's back to 100% yet), Chase Young has been as advertised. And now we have to hope and pray to every baby Jesus that Dan Snyder doesn't run him for us. That they build a real team around him, not whatever that team was that showed up yesterday. My nightmare is we have this once in a generation talent and he gets every individual accolade and no rings or even Super Bowl appearances to show for it,  a la JJ Watt in Houston. If the last 20 years of the Dan Snyder regime tell us anything, it's that Chase Young will be gone as soon as he can, but I really, really hope he sees the vision (haha, the vision, good one!) and tries to be the corner-piece who turns this ship around.

And along the same lines, Terry McLaurin. 



He's been in the league for a cup of coffee and has had 5 different QBs, but still puts up numbers regardless. All he does is get open, pick up YAC yards, and get first downs. If he gets real QB consistency, the sky is the limit. I don't even know how high his ceiling is. And that 96 reception pace is with Haskins and Allen missing him wide open repeatedly. Terry is doing everything he can and more being not only the best option, but the only option.


So please for the love of everything will this team please figure it the fuck out? Not for our sakes, but for theirs? We have these two amazing talents, I will never, everrrrrrr forgive Dan Snyder if he botches this. I feel like we've seen this movie 100 times before and already know the ending, but maybe, just maybe, this is the era they do it right? If the current QB bullshit is any indication, it won't be, but at least we can have fun watching Chase and Terry while the Titanic sinks for the 20th time.