Martin St. Louis Has Put His House In Connecticut On The Market For A Casual $16 million

Have the urge to just drop everything and move to Connecticut? A nice ocean front property right outside of Greenwich would probably suffice, right? Well, if you have $16 million laying around than boy do I have good news for you. Former NHLer and Hockey Hall of Famer Martin St. Louis has just put his CT mansion on the market and this place is as legit as they come. Gated neighborhood, 1.3 acres of oceanfront property, and about 7.2k square feet of beautiful Connecticut mansion to hangout in. Pretty decent.

The best part? St. Louis and his wife bought the place in 2012 for just over $6m and now have it on the market for $16m. Casual $10m profit in 8 years. Is that good? With all that money you'd guess the St. Louis family is going to ball out on their next house, well you'd guess wrong. 

It appears that the couple are downsizing. They recently purchased a much more modest home in a country club community in Wesley Chapel, FL, for $615,000. (via

Why would the couple leave such a palace some might ask and the answer is obvious. Why live in a $16m crib in CT when you can live in a $615,000k house in Florida? 

*Biz screaming in the background about state taxes*

Who knows. Times are crazy right now. But what we do know is Marty St. Louis is in the Hockey Hall of Fame and made over 50 sheets in his career...he can do whatever the hell he wants.