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A BMX Rider Doing Tricks Inside The Abandoned Silverdome In Detroit Looks Like a Scene From a Post-Apocalypse Zombie Movie


Awesome video for sure. Feels like he’s just riding his bike around Zombieland and Michael Cera and Emma Stone should pop up at some point. It’s actually incredible the Silverdome is just sitting there, rotting away like that. Looks like people break in and just steal seats and toss shit around and then leave. This BMX bro Tyler Fernengel set up all sorts of ramps and shit inside of it, probably didn’t have to get any permits, only had to ask the homeless people who live there and eat mice not to steal the cameras. Pretty awesome footage this guy got. Poor Detroit though. When you can’t tell if a video shot there is a scene from the Walking Dead or not, your city might want to get it’s shit together.

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