Joe Rogan Gives His Thoughts On "The Social Dilemma", Nails It Per Usual

I always love getting Rogan's thoughts on shit like this, because he tries to be as pragmatic as possible and looks at every issue not from a political lens, but from 30,000 feet. He sincerely tries to absorb as much information as he can before he casts judgement on issue A, B or C. I truly believe that he's become the monster that he is because of this. 

His stance on Social Dilemma was no different. The TLDR is that it terrified him, just like it terrified you, me and anyone else who's watched it. If you haven't, here's the trailer: 

And yes, it's super fucked up. I don't want to call it fear porn because it brings up incredibly important issues and seems to do so in a non-partisan way, so I'll just call it scary. Long story short, the internet basically controls our brains and we have more or less lost our ability to think freely because of how we're specifically targeted by big tech on what kind of messaging we consume. Though it's very blatant, they target us in really subtle, subconscious ways at the same time. It's very, very fucked up.

But yeah, Rogan nails it again. Smartest dude on earth.

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