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America's Finest Tradition Returns - The Barstool Smokeshows Halloween Contest

Baseball. Chevrolet. Apple pie. The Barstool Smokeshow Halloween contest. Some of the most American things we got in this country of ours. We're officially getting into late October and that means one thing. Girls are going to clog your Instagram feed with pictures of them in a different costume every day. You will find yourself wondering, "How many people does this girl know that she's getting invited to a different Halloween party seemingly every single night?" Some would say it is truly the most wonderful time of the year. 

The big looming question over this year's contest is how will COVID impact things? You'd have to think there will be less Halloween parties, so would that in turn mean less costumes? Will people still just dress up and take pictures in their living rooms? More uncertainty hangs over this year's competition than ever. But I'm sure it'll still meet expectations. Will the pandemic inspire some new costume ideas? We will still see our fair share of cats, devils, and all that, but I'm sure we will see a mask costume or two. 

Personally, I'm just hoping for a clean and honest competition this year. We can never have a repeat of the debacle that was 2018. It was a huge black eye to the competition. Girls were cheating and buying likes left and right. Unfortunately, it was impossible to prove. And nobody in the world seemed to care as much about it as I did. But I will still never forget it. Last year's competition thankfully seemed to go a little smoother. I am no longer running the day-to-day operations of the account and competition, but I will provide you guys with updates. 

The rules are the same as always. The girl with the most likes on the @barstoolsmokeshows Instagram account will win the $1000. The contest started today and will end on Monday, November 2nd at 6 PM EST. Vote for your favorites by liking the post. Pretty simple process. 

This was the 2019 winner. 

Some other contenders from last year

And now onto this year's competition …

Be sure to follow @barstoolsmokeshows on Instagram and start voting. When you see all these celebrities and commercials telling you to vote, THIS is what they're talking about.