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Pro Tip- If You Get In An Altercation With An Old Man, Make Sure That Old Man Isn't An Ex-Boxer Who Will KO You



FUCKED THOSE DUDES UP.  Made quick work of them.  Pretty sure the dude he knocked out first didn’t even know he was in a fight.  He just saw his buddy get punched by an old geezer, started walking towards the old man and then darkness.  I’m just going to assume the old man is in the right here but who knows. With punches like that you would have to imagine he’s hoping somebody will step to him all the time.  Like we don’t know what happened there.  Those two guy could’ve been asking for milk and the old dude was like, “What did you say to me?  Alright, it’s punching time.”  He has a gift and wants to share it with the world.  Even if that means knocking dudes out for reasons unknown.  It’s not the old guy’s fault that he was given the gift of punching.  It’d be like somebody blessed with a beautiful singing voice. They want to use it.  Except instead of serenading people with his gift all that guy can do is send people to the hospital.