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Fight Breaks Out Inside Little Caesars After A Man Told Another Man's Mother To Lose Some Weight (Baby Girl)

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SFGate - An angry man roughed up a customer at a Little Caesars Pizza restaurant in Salinas for making a crack about his mom’s weight, police said. The ruckus started at 4:25 p.m. Sunday when a 50-year-old man at the pizza joint inside a strip mall at 506 East Laurel Drive told a woman “she should not eat pizza because she was already overweight,” police Cmdr. Sheldon Bryantsaid. The comment sent the woman into a rage. She went to her car to get a crow bar, but before she could get in any blows, her son punched the man several times in the head, police said. The mom and son then took off. They were not identified or arrested.


When you enter a Little Ceasars, you enter an agreement with the world that you are in a judge-free zone. Pretty much any restaurant you enter you are in the trust tree of life. You are free to eat what you want, however much you want of it, and not have to get the evil eye or the tow-lot attendant treatment. So while it might be a fair point that a big fatty should not be eating Little Caesars, it is straight up wrong for anyone to call out a woman who is ready to eat herself to death. You can fat shame her later, but not inside the doors of the pizzeria. Fucking love that she was called fat and the first move she made was to go to the car and get her crow bar. Pretty solid plan of action there. I’m actually upset her son swung and punched the guy a few times, I really could have used a good “crowbar to the head” video this morning. After yesterday’s Walmart fight, I need that blood pumping, juices going again. But the moral of the story is don’t tell a baby girl to lose some weight when all both of you want is to eat some damn bacon-wrapped pizza. Sheesh.