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I Owe Jaylen Johnson An Apology...He Is Good. Maybe Even Very Good, Per Smart People... Which I Am Not

Hello, friends. I have a confession...some times I do and say stupid things. Depending on who you ask they might say that I do/say stupid things more than just "some times". I want to put my hand up and say that I got something wrong. I am here to issue a public correction and issue an apology. On our podcast I said that Jaylen Johnson had struggled to start the year. I had images of a few DJ Moore catches in my brain and a few times where he crashed down too hard in the run game, got sucked inside, and contain was broken.

Turns out, per data and smart people, I was very wrong about him

That is good enough for me. It should've always been good enough for me. You know why...I liked him on October 4th

And you know what…he is a rookie who had an offseason shoulder surgery, no preseason, and minimal training camp reps in general due to covid-19. It's incredible that he's on the field at all. So this is my apology. 33 is good. Perhaps great. And because he is good that officially means that this defense does not have any weaknesses. Playmakers at every level. Interior, on the edge, and it's only a matter of time until they start creating points and turnovers every game like we saw in 2018. We are in for a good ride. Credit to me for admitting I was wrong and credit to Jaylen for being a stud. See you Monday for the Rams. Let's fucking go