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What Song Do You Wish You Could Erase From Your Brain And Hear Again For The Very First Time?


You might remember the above duo from their viral video when they heard Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" for the first time and went crazy at the drum solo. Well last night, I watched abouttttt 4 hours of their videos. Just song after song of them hearing music for the first time. They are just so endearing to watch. Seeing them hear Linkin Park, OutKast, Bon Jovi, and others for the first time and just appreciating the music, you can't help but smile ear to ear. Two of my favorites was them reacting to The Fray's "How To Save A Life"



And "Take Me To Church"




When I say I watched them for 4 hours, I mean it. And it's not like any of the videos are that radically different, they just made me happy to see them react to different parts of different songs. And it also made me realize, fuck, they are lucky. I wish I could erase my memory and hear my favorite songs for the first time again. I remember being a wee lad and listening to "Enema of the State" for the first time, it blew my mind. You don't get many albums like that in your lifetime. The first time I heard "Champagne Supernova" I remember my dick being blown off to the point they found it 3 towns over. And here's a wildcard- "Forgot About Dre" (which they actually react to in one of their videos). The first time you hear Eminem on "Forgot About Dre" changes your life.

So it begs the question, what's the one song you want to erase from your memory and get to hear again for the first time? The thing is, it doesn't mean "what is your favorite song. Because "Forgot About Dre" isn't necessarily my favorite song, but I remember being astonished by Eminem's verse it led me to look more into him and was sort of an easy segue into getting more into rap in general. I guess the over-arching question is what songs fucked with your brain at exactly the right time that changed the way you listened to music forever? Another one for me is Everlong. What a tune. What you got?