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Does Doug Pederson Have Donkey Brains? It Is Impossible To Say For A Fact That He Does Not

So we can all admit that someone who makes foolish decision could be considered donkey brained, can we not? Someone who has donkey brains could be considered reckless and moronic and idiotic. 

Does Doug Pederson often make some reckless decisions with his play calling like he did when he went for 2 on the Eagles' first touchdown against the 49ers? He most certainly does. 

Does Doug Pederson often make some moronic decisions like his one to settle for the tie against Cincinnati in OT instead of playing for the win? He most certainly does. 

Does Doug Pederson often end up looking completely idiotic and underprepared when he doesn't have a 2pt conversion play ready to go in an attempt to tie the game against Baltimore late in the 4th quarter after a heroic comeback led by Carson Wentz, and instead of taking a timeout to talk things through he just sends the team out there with whatever the hell this was supposed to be?


He most certainly does. 

So just based off the facts here, Doug Pederson exhibits many characteristics and tendencies of somebody who has donkey brains. That's not an opinion, it's not conjecture, it's not hearsay. It is simply factual evidence that everything Doug Pederson has done so far this season could easily be diagnosed as Donkey Brained. 

Now the only question left to ask is if Doug Pederson has any such certificate to exonerate him of having said donkey brains. And until we are presented with that certificate, we can only assume that the answer is yes. Doug Pederson absolutely has donkey brains. 

I rest my case.