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After Seeing What This Chiefs Practice Player Is Auctioning His Super Bowl Ring Off For, It's Clear Some People Have Way Too Much Fuck You Money

[TMZ] - The ring was made for Mike Weber -- who was on the K.C. practice squad during the 2019 season when Patrick Mahomes led the team to a win over the 49ers in SB LIV.

But now, the 23-year-old's ring has made its way over to Goldin Auctions, where it's up for grabs and the starting bid was $35,000. The current bid is already at $55,000 with 17 days to go!

Goldin tells us the ring is attracting a ton of interest and could easily hit the 6-figure mark.

I know people selling Super Bowl rings and shit like that isn't so crazy. But the fact that Mike Weber, a practice player that barely even spent time on the Chiefs practice squad, is going to get 6 figures for this? That's insane. Then again, there's an Ohio State selling pants joke in here somewhere since that's where Weber went to college. Really it just shows how much fuck you money some people have laying around. I know for the rich $55,000 doesn't sounds like much, but that just for a ring that's not even yours? I can't get over that. 

You gotta be some rich fuck and diehard Chiefs fan to even want this. What do you do with someone else's ring? Just put it in some showcase area in your mansion. Again, we're talking about a practice player here! Not even a starter or someone on the 53-man roster. A practice player who got cut to make room for Clyde Edwards-Helaire. 

I need to meet the person who ends up buying this. I just want to spend a day with them and see how they live a regular ass life. I assume it's nothing but the finest meat and cheese boards around the house, steak dinners and expensive bourbon. Then they bring you into some TV room and ask if you want to see a Super Bowl ring that they had absolutely 0 to do with. God, I'd kill to have fuck you money like this.